Talk about the fact that because of the diet, the Djokovic loses its form, is illegal

Professor Dejan Chubrilo, a famous expert in sports medicine, physiology and nutrition, in an interview with the Serbian edition of Politics, shared his opinion about the physical condition of ex-first racket of the world Novak Djokovic.

   "I can not comment on what I do not know about his methods of training, but, based on what I see on television and based on the fact that he writes about his diet in the book, I can say: talk about that he is undernourished and from For this he loses both physical and psychological form, is illegal. As for the minimum consumption of food, this is absolutely justified from the point of view of physiology and is based on modern studies that prove that hypocaloric diets contribute to the acceleration of regeneration processes, do not overload the digestive system and lymph drainage system. I also used in my practice hypo-and hyperboric cameras, which he talks about in his book, as a supporting tool recommended by modern physicists.

   - What can you say in response to the allegations that for a modern athlete Djokovic is excessively thin?

   - He looks like a normal healthy athlete. Today we have a different model. And based on this new modern view, the assertion that Novak is malnourished is erroneous. For the athlete the most important thing is maintaining the right level of sugar in the liver stores and in the muscles. Just for the right energy level, the body must have access to the fat stores. All this is provided by the Novak team, staffed by modern high-class specialists. Using the latest methods of diagnosis, treatment and recovery, he, with a minimum of calories consumed, receives the same amount of energy for muscles and internal organs. This is the key to success in the modern sport of higher achievements.

   - You use the reputation of a fighter with oversaturated diets in sports ...

   - I worked a lot with athletes, players, players from other sports, and was amazed at the amount of food that they had to consume. Snacks, soup, main course, dessert ... The main merit of Novak is that, by his example, he showed that a hypocaloric diet helps to achieve the highest results. Of course, I do not have the details of his diet, but from what I see, one can say that his level of food consumption is categorically minimal. And as I've heard, many high-profile athletes begin to follow his example.

   - If you completely support the exception from the gluten diet, then what do you think about the vegetarian and vegan diets for athletes?

   - I do not recommend any of the people, athletes in particular, stick to one type of food exclusively. I fully support the view that in the diet of any person in everyday life and in the life of top athletes there must necessarily be animal fats (saturated fatty acids). There are two different things: food intake should be minimal, but at this minimum all types of fat must necessarily be present. As polyunsaturated fatty acids (fish oil, olive oil, primrose oil - omega 3, omega 6, omega 9, and forgotten saturated ones - yolk, butter, bacon, cream cheese, chutney type sauces, meat fats, etc. A disadvantage of any of these types Fat, which usually happens if you stick to one type of food, can lead to pathological changes in the structure of muscle tissue, tendons and ligaments, as well as changes in the work of internal organs. For sports of higher achievements it is very risky to apply any type of diet, in Which there is no substitute for this type Pam fat.

   - Does a rigid diet affect the form of Djokovic?

   - If you believe what he writes in his book, he adheres to a well-balanced diet, consumes saturated fatty acids derived from, for example, coconut oil. Although the question whether it is enough to get this kind of saturated fat with food remains open. Any diet should be as balanced as possible, and the combination of products should promote their maximum absorption.

   - With age, the diets of athletes should somehow change?

   - The aging of the body affects the activity of enzymes and hormones, so you need to adapt the training and nutrition techniques. It is aging that requires a reduction in the amount of calories consumed, but with simultaneous monitoring of the ratio of sugar, fats and proteins.

   - A question that does not belong to your profession, but it's interesting to hear your opinion ... Why do you think the best teams gather around top class athletes with their influence and popularity? The only question is money?

- I do not think so. I bow to the fact that the influence of the electromagnetic field is felt here - as a result of metabolic activity - on those signals that we send to others, as well as to those signals that we accept. This applies to people around us, and to life in general. The figure of Djokovic, whom I see on TV, radiates a stable, positive and happy electromagnetic field, a beautiful and cheerful creature. What he does, how he works, how he treats people, shows a man who does not study low frequencies at all (for reference: low frequencies = negative energies of fear, condemnation, resentment, anger, despondency, claims, etc.) - note.prev.). An athlete, poisoned by this kind of energy, is usually aggressive, angry, nervous. All this is much closer to what he was before he was addicted to a gluten-free diet.