Maria Sharapov: "For the last year, I have drinked more alcohol once again than all the previous life"

Maria Sharapova returns. Before the official return of the Russian woman to the court there is still a little more than a month, but Maria increasingly appears on television screens and in the pages of magazines. And not only sports. After all, Sharapova has long been more than an athlete - a brand whose PR and marketing are built at the highest level. Now, on the eve of her first appearance in the last 15 months on the court, she is again at the peak of popularity. Interview with Vogue, in which a Russian woman speaks not so much about sports as about feelings and her life - a hundred percent hit in the audience of her fans and fans of the Sugarpova brand.

"I would never have thought that Maria Sharapova was a tea-pot, but we are busy with her grated ginger and stainless steel press in her kitchen, I do not even drink tea, but both of us are insanely cold, so the drink that Sharapova Cooked in a glass teapot, the most delicious hot drink I've ever tasted. "

This is an ideal entourage interview in the style of an American glossy magazine - with a description of the interiors, the appearance of the interlocutor and the impression it produces. The more that the author was lucky to get to her home.

"Nothing reveals that the tennis player lives in this house." No clue, "she says with a laugh, but there are other cribs that speak of her love for contemporary art, architecture and good design." Great pictures by Joe Good and Chris Gwaltney , A floor lamp with a plafond of feathers, which when switched on looks like a giant peony, a black and white photo of young Marilyn Monroe in a frame.The glass wall goes through the kitchen and living room, and the sliding doors open directly into the pool, which is almost flush with home. "sdela be it even closer was impossible ", - says the hostess.

"Sharapova trains at a local tennis club in ten minutes' drive, we had to meet there yesterday on Monday - her day off - to play a little, and then to have a drink at dinner - that was her idea, but ... instead, tea. That she was surprised when she proposed such a plan: to conduct demonstration trainings for journalists and drink with them is not quite the usual business for athletes of this level, but Sharapova, who is serving a 15-month suspension for the failed doping test last January, has free time. "For the last For the past year I have drunk at times more alcohol than the whole previous life, "she says. "But it's just because I suddenly started to go out!"

"Having sat on a huge modern gray couch, without make-up, with hair gathered in a light bundle, Sharapova does not look like a passionate Russian tennis player, but a girl from California who loves yoga. High and beautiful, she looks very organic in a voluminous sweater, leggings And simple jewelry.It seems that she, unlike most other players, lives in another world.It's probably because tennis is not her religion. "I would have gone mad if I were only a tennis player," she says, shaking Cup on the knee. - Really".

"One writer once described Sharapov as haughty and self-critical at the same time, I would take this" arrogance "in quotes because it is unusually large in irony, even self-irony, and her speeches are often jocular, even when she assembled a full room of reporters to Report on a positive doping test: "I know that many of you assumed that I will today announce the completion of a career," she said and withstood a dramatic pause. "If I ever get ready to announce it, it's unlikely I'll do it in a downtown Los Angeles hotel with such an ugly carpet."

"Sharapova admits that she does not communicate with colleagues in the shop:" I spend in the locker room for as long as necessary. I have another life: family, friends. The less time I spend there, the more energy I will have for them. I am respected for what I do on the court, and for me it is more important than if someone says that I am friendly in the locker room. "When you hear this, you quickly realize that Sharapova, who likes to say everything straight, as is , The title "Miss Congeniality" is not threatened. "

"Looking back, Sharapova notes that the real punishment for her was the trial itself - the painful months that she had to defend herself in court. Now everything is over, but when I ask if she thinks that now the shadow of suspicion will accompany her to the end Career, she again defends herself: "If I wanted to hide something, I did not say to the whole world that I had taken the drug for ten years. If I were looking for an easy way, it would not be too clever of me on my part, - she stops abruptly, sighs heavily in a humble way. "But answering your question - yes, of course, I'm thinking about it."

"During the period of disqualification, she was able to visit places she had not previously visited - for example, Barcelona and Croatia." I studied London. And then only Wimbledon knew from it. "A convinced supporter of monogamy, she first met several men at the same time." I did not know what hell it was! "She laughs, she began to read memoirs written by women: for example," The Warrior "Glennon Doyle Melton and the Glass Castle" Jannett Walls. "Both books are very strong, very emotional," she sums up.In the summer, she completed a course in strategic management at the Harvard Business School and an internship with the NBA, an advertising agency in London and Nike. "I love constantly tries ditsya in motion. I like to work "In addition, she found time to sit down for his own memoirs -. The book will be released in September, right after the US Open".

"In San Juan, where the tennis player played Monica Puig in December, she was greeted with a real ovation by the 12,000-seat stadium, which did not escape the attention of her sponsors, all of whom - including Nike, Head, Porsche, Evian, NetJets - suspended cooperation with her After that March press conference, today everyone except TAG Heuer has already returned, and world tennis can not wait for her return, but how else? He desperately needs stars, and Sharapova in this sense is a gold mine. "

"For some reason, we are never portrayed as two very different women, united by the fact that our origins have not prevented us from making a career and opening huge opportunities for ourselves and our families." Instead, they are constantly being pushed in front of us because of our differences, Our achievements, our earnings, I generally think that all these ratings of players' earnings are complete nonsense. " The words that she describes to Serena, she could easily describe herself: "She could have finished with all the traumas and various difficulties, but she still has motivation." My respect for her as a professional knows no bounds. "

"Do they exist?" She asks, "I do not know, maybe it's too complicated for me, on the one hand, I really want children, but at the same time I'm very focused on my work, frankly, because of this, most of my relationships I can not live with the feeling that I sacrificed something in favor of something else, so I hate the word balance, what is it all about? If it's a proportion of 50 to 50, you get every case You only give half. "