Quiet leader. Season for Paul Shekhura

Paul Shekhur, the central striker, was born in Canada, in a very small town Brantford, which gave the world hockey is not a small hockey player - it was where Wayne Gretzky was absorbed. Do not even need to ask Paul, who was his idol, it is clear and without words. This answer will not differ from the answer of most of the boys who were engaged in hockey in Canada.

Shekhura was good at youth hockey, and then quite painlessly played in the AHL. But, as often happens, with the next transition to a higher level something broke. Paul was the star of many pharmacies, but in the NHL scored only non-serious 10 + 10 for 92 matches. Further the road is protoptan - either a quiet self-sufficient Switzerland, or a golden, but very unusual KHL. Paul decided to take a chance and moved to Leo, who, by the way, left in 3 games. Then there were super-successful (for the player) and very similar Minsk and Riga. It was there that Shchekhur became, as they say across the ocean, an elite center. Well, in May 2016, the bomb, a player of this caliber goes into my, not very rich, club. Many fans criticized the transition, they say will not adjust and become the second Wilson, but knowing the player, I just grinned at the sight of such comments. What happened in the season?

Tranquility and openness

Shekhura is a very cool and quiet guy, it's hard to get him out of yourself, both on the court and outside it. But in any case, do not you dare think that it's closed, no! Closed and sending the press in the league a lot, but not a single North American can not be ranked as such, they are not accepted there. If Paul is asked for an interview, he gladly agrees, sometimes even without limiting himself to the templates, that the KHL is an absolute exception.

In principle, Shchekhura is a player and Shchekhura is the same person. He is absolutely calm on the ice. You will not see in his game crazy solo passages, high-speed races, zubodrobitelnyh hits, screams of commentators "SHCHEHURAAA." Paul takes others - invisibility. You can not see the Canadian in the whole match, and in the final protocol he has several programs. He, like an assassin, emerges in a timely manner from under the defenders and here is a washer on his hook, and a hook in front of a half-empty gate.


Of course to call the top three Kruchinin-Shekhura-Yakutsenya super difficult. But remember at least one such bunch since the days of Valery Konstantinovich Belousov. On my mind, except that Andrei Popov and Anton Glinkin, competently diluted Pestunov sample 14-15 years. At the sight of the link of Shekhura, 2013 is immediately recalled. Kostitsyn-Kontiola-Yakutsenia. It's almost the same, albeit steeper. Shekhura plays the role of umnenkogo Kontiola, with a beautiful view of the field and elegant slender passes. But Kruchinin, although a completely different player than the AK-46, but also skillfully pulls the puck through the defenders, just a method, not power, but speed.

 Pictures on request shchehura kruchinin yakutsenya


It should be understood that one can not definitely say how Shekhura spent the season - stable or unstable. On the one hand - there was a scoring crisis, but on the other - the game itself was almost always on the same level and whether it depended on luck or something else does not know, probably Paul himself. But what can not be denied, so this is the working capacity of the hockey player. Not even in terms of power play, no, here the player is weak. Rather in terms of attitude to the case. Shekhura, as they say. A real Canadian professional, in every sense.

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Shekhura is not a god!

Seriously, more compliments on the basis of the season received, perhaps, Pavel Franzous, and then you can argue. People perceive the player's new contract as a divine intervention, which must certainly be rejoiced, as if Kuznetsov or Nichushkin returned to the team. But this should not be so. There is nothing special about this, although I am sure that Gubarev's statements will soon appear, such as "I personally signed Shchekhura and in general the fourth place in the east - my credit, and the failure in the playoffs - the jamb Anwar, who could not properly dispose of The "magnificent" composition that I gave him. " Paul is certainly an excellent player, perhaps the best striker in the Tractor, but if he was signed for too much money, it is, in a sense, a breeding failure that fetters the entire transfer policy.