"I know that I can score." The most unlucky player of the season

Detroit's dressing room was almost empty. All the players went their separate ways. The head coach of the Red Wings Jeff Blashill finished his communication with the press, which summed up the conversation with the team that day.

It was at this point that Riley Shayen came out of the dressing room.

One can understand why Sheyan so reluctantly appears in front of the public. If media representatives want to ask him a question, then everything comes down to one thing. The 25-year-old striker has not scored a single goal this season, although he regularly goes on the ice. Recently, he broke the record for the players of his role in the number of shots for the season, in which he did not score a single goal. The previous "achievement" belonged to the attacker of "Pittsburgh" Craig Adams, who established this anti-record in the 2009/10 season.

Amazing bad luck. After all, Sheyana can not be called a role-playing game, which goes on the ice for about three minutes. This striker over the past two seasons has scored a total of 27 goals. He knows what to do at the gate.

"I know that I can score. I can bring the result in this league. I can not find an explanation for what is happening this season, "- admits Riley.

What can I say to him in support? Even the best ones have black stripes. Recently, Alexander Ovechkin played 10 consecutive games without goals scored. Toronto beginner Oston Matthews opened the season with poker, but also faced a scoring drought.

Forward "Rangers" Derek Stepan recently interrupted the goalless series of 23 matches. In the course of the stagnation, Derek even sought advice from his former partner, Martin Saint-Louis.

"It was an unpleasant time," Stepan says. - It's not easy to endure ... But you need to maintain a favorable mood: "Yes, now everything is not going well. But keep trying and luck will turn to you. "

Derek talked a lot about this with St. Louis. Marty himself had once faced such a thing. After the exchange from "Tampa", Martin could not distinguish himself for the "Rangers" in the first 14 games.

"He remembered that it seemed to him that it was stretching for a whole year," Derek adds.

But Riley does not think so. It really does happen. An extra reminder that sometimes hockey gods can be cruel - Stepan broke the scoring chances in a match with the "Detroit".

While Shayen could not find an adviser, like St. Louis. While he tries to cope alone.

"I can deal with this. I will be able to overcome this barrier, "the player insists.

But if he still decides to ask for help, it will easily find understanding.

Tyler Wright is one of the Detroit scouts. In the season-1998/99 he held 61 games for Pittsburgh and could not distinguish himself once. Since then, almost 20 years have passed, but he is still sometimes reminded of that season.

"This is a depressing state. But it's hard for me to imagine how much more painful it is now, with the development of the media and social networks. I know that Riley is going through every day because of this, "says Wright.

But even two decades later, Tyler remembers perfectly how his unsuccessful series was interrupted. It happened already next season in the game with "Tampa". Defender of the "penguins" Brad Verenk cast a shot on goal.

And Wright corrected the puck. However, the judges immediately went to watch the video replay to determine if there was a game with a high-raised stick.

Hockey gods can be cruel, but not so much. The goal was scored, and Wright's black band finally ended.

"The next day we played with" Chicago ". And I again managed to excel, "- adds Tyler.

At some point the player himself begins to doubt himself. But the success of the attacker depends heavily on self-confidence. And if the puck does not go into the net, even if you do everything right, then unnecessary thoughts begin to creep in.

"When you are confident in yourself, it seems that no one will stop you," confirms Detroit forward Frans Nielsen. - If the confidence is gone, it creates the feeling that you are playing against 10 opponents. "

After a whole season without goals, the next Wright started in the AHL.

One evening, after the match between "Scranton" and "Albany", the legendary Coat of Arms Brooks wanted to talk with Wright. "Pittsburgh" has just appointed him to the post of head coach, which left Kevin Constantine.

Brooks told Wright to pack his things. He was returning to the NHL. As it turned out, for a long time. Wright did not leave the "penguins" until the end of the season. Brooks immediately reassured the hockey player, explaining that he does not require immediate goals from him and counts on him in the long run.

When Tyler returned to the Penguins, Brooks tried to increase his self-confidence through training. Once Wright stood out as part of Swift Carrent from the Western Hockey League and even scored 41 goals in one season.

"Every day when I came to the arena, Gerb Brooks told me:" I want you to play like Swift Carrent. And every day I told myself: "As in those days!"

Soon Wright so imbued with these words that they had an effect. He not only interrupted the scoring drought, but also distinguished himself 12 times in 50 meetings.

Only many years later, Tyler learned that Brooks had never seen his game in the Western Hockey League. It was just a way of motivation.

"It changed my whole career," confesses the ex-striker. - This is the real work of the coach. The ingenious trainer. Coat of arms Brooks, may God bless him. "

The goal drought can quickly get out of the rut. Adams played without a single goal all 82 matches of the regular season season-2009/10 for "Pittsburgh". Yes, that season he hit several times in the bar and crossbar. But the regular came to an end, and on his account 0 washers.

"Over time, it starts to crush you more and more," Adams explains. "No doubt, it bothered me very much."

Craig distinguished himself in the first match of the playoffs, interrupting the series in a match with Ottawa.

"Throw from an uncomfortable hand, under the crossbar," Adams smiles. - It was a beautiful goal. Although I have rarely scored. So I remember all my washers. "

This is what memories Craig had about that period.

"I can not say that this left a scar in my soul," Adams concludes.

Perhaps Sheyana should listen to this message.

Goals will come sooner or later. He works on ice too hard to make it finally happen. He did not stop attacking the gate and did not get lost on the ice.

It is worth noting that the Deadline "Detroit" received several proposals for Riley. Despite his failures. This speaks volumes. About that in the league it is appreciated.

This idea is trying to convey to him and the head coach. When they talk, Blashill reminds Riley that he has a long career in the NHL. Tsentrforvard, who will resist Rain Kessler, Ryan Getslaf, Patrice Bergeron and many other star opponents.

But, of course, I want to score too. And, preferably, before the summer break.