Forsberg, Lidstrom, Fedorov and other idols of the current NHL players

Every boy who loves hockey wants to be like one of the players. Are not an exception in this regard and the current NHL hockey players. And they are happy to talk about who was their idol as a child.

Jerome Iginla, Los Angeles striker

Interest Ask. I had a lot of them. I grew up in St. Albert, not far from Edmonton, so, of course, I followed the "Oilers" very closely. Naturally, everyone, absolutely everyone, loved Wayne Gretzky. What else can you say: "Who else can claim this?" Of course, Wayne.

Who else? Mark Messier, because he, too, from St. Albert. I also liked Grant Fur. A black player is a rarity for the NHL. Especially at the time.

Henrik Lundqvist, goalkeeper of the Rangers

Patrick Roy and Dominique Hasek. I followed them, first of all. I tried not to miss a single Saturday half-hour release of "NHL Power Week" (a television program that was published in Sweden). Then there was no internet. And my brother was a big fan of the talent of Peter Forsberg, so we were closely watching the "Colorado" in the playoffs.

Devan Dabnik, Minnesota goalkeeper

I can name a few names. My favorite goalkeeper was Freddy Braithwaite, who defended the Calgary goal when I was just starting my career. I happened to meet him a couple of times and I always liked his style of play.

I was also a fan of Curtis Joseph when he was playing for Edmonton. Then he moved to Toronto, and my brother was an avid fan of the Leafs. This gave me an excuse why I continued to root for Curtis in the camp of "maple leaves".

When I became older and got into the junior league, I began to closely monitor the career of Roberto Luongo. A large goalkeeper with good reflexes and very agile. He moved perfectly, which I always considered my trump card. I wanted to be like him in style.

Thomas Vanek, the striker of "Florida"

I think my main idol was ... considering that my parents from the Czech Republic, we tried not to miss the matches of "Pittsburgh". I always liked Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr. Interestingly, in my childhood, my room was decorated with posters depicting Jaromir, and now I was fortunate enough to be with him in one team. An amazing feeling.

Ben Bishop, the goalkeeper of "Los Angeles"

Curtis Joseph and Brendan Shenahan. As a child, I was rooting for "St. Louis" and they were my favorite players.

Marten Saint-Louis, the legend of "Tampa"

Naturally, I was a big fan of Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux, but most of all I was filled with Mats Neslund, who was in favor of "Montreal". He was the smallest player in the "Canadiens" and wore a sweater with the 26th number. He was my idol. I wanted to be like him, no doubt. It was in his honor that I played under the 26th number.

Mikko Koivu, the attacker of the "Minnesota"

I can name a lot of names, but you need to stop at someone. So I'll probably choose Teemu Selanne. I was 10 years old when he issued that amazing debut season. Probably, in these years you are just beginning to better understand what is happening, the essence of the game. And what he did, of course, was memorable.

Reed Duke, the striker of Las Vegas

For me, my father was an example for imitation. He was also my coach as a child. He always got up with me at 5:30 in the morning to take me to practice in any weather. He taught me everything I know, and I can not find the words to thank him for all he has done for me over the years.

Jimmy Vesey, Rangers striker

John Thornton - he was the captain of "Boston". He wore a sweater with the 19th number, and I played under this number most of the career in his honor. I remember how somehow I got a sweater with his autograph. It was a great event for me. Future member of the Hall of Fame. The first time after the exchange Thornton in the "San Jose" I even tried to portray myself as a fan of the "Sharks", but could not stand to watch their matches so late.

Nikita Kucherov, forward of "Tampa"

I'll name the five. "The Russian Five". They were inimitable. It was nice to watch what a clever hockey they show.

Wayne Simmonds, Philadelphia striker

My idol was Sergei Fedorov. His level of skill, what he could do on the ice ... amazing. That's why I played under the 91st number in my youth.

But soon I realized that I could not become a new Sergei Fedorov. So I began to idealize Jerome Iginla. It was on him that I tried to equalize during my growing up. A great player.

Cam Atkinson, the striker of Columbus

Since I never stood out, I tried to equal Marty Saint-Louis. And I was even lucky to make friends with him.

And before him I liked Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg. Colorado players.

Vincent Trochek, the forward of the "Florida"

To name only one name? Then, I think, Peter Forsberg. I watched a lot of scraps with his participation, tried to be like him, copy his style.

David Beckes, the attacker of "Boston"

I watched many American players. Keith Tkachak, Doug Waite, John LeClair ... I even had a chance to play with Kit for a while. And this has become a great help for my career. He taught me a lot.

Cam Nili, the legend of "Boston"

Our family lived in Saskatchewan for 10 years. My father served in the Air Force, and we constantly moved from one base to another. So often hockey was only available on TV - "Hockey Night in Canada". And there they showed either "Toronto" or "Montreal". My father was a passionate admirer of Maple Leafs, and I followed in his footsteps. My favorite hockey player was, probably, Darryl Sittler. When at age 11 we moved to British Columbia, Stan Smile became my idol.

Tyler Seguin, the forward of "Dallas"

As a child, I always followed the career of Steve Yzerman. In this regard, I remember the year of my draft. I was friends with Christian Thomas. I was looked after by his father - Steve Thomas. And he, in turn, was friends with Aizerman. So on the draft day I happened to get to know Steven ... it was great.

Mark Giordano, defender of the Calgary

I grew up in Toronto, so my idols were probably Doug Gilmour and Wendell Clark. They stood out more than others.

Nick Holden, defender of the Rangers

I do not know why, but I was rooting for Detroit. Most of all I liked Nick Lidstrom and Steve Eiserman - my two favorite players. They were leaders of the Red Wings. Leaders of the team that became the champion. Lidstrem, no doubt, was the best defender of the generation. What he was doing on the ice ... He was unique.

Seth Jones, the defender of "Columbus"

I always equaled Niklas Lidstrem. But I can name many more excellent defenders. Chris Pronger also always attracted my attention. The way they read the game ... Lidstrom never ruffled someone, but he incredibly cleverly operated the stick. This skill is extremely important, especially in the current conditions. The ability to do everything on time, in a timely manner. He perfectly calculated the course of events.

Brian Boucher, former goalkeeper of NHL clubs

Patrick Roy. I was a fan of the Canadiens. My parents were born in Montreal, so I experienced only one team from my childhood. He was my hero. Placards with his images were hung my room.

I did not like Boston. I could not stand it. My first coach in the NHL was Reggie Lemeline. And I openly confessed to him when I was in the Philadelphia: "Reggie, I must be honest with you. I could not stand you in my childhood. " He was pleased to hear this. After all, he defeated "Montreal".

Frans Nielsen, Detroit forward

My first idol was Brett Hull. It's just that we both played with the 16th number. Becoming older, I became a fan of Peter Forsberg. I've always liked him.

When I turned 18 and started my career in Sweden, I began to admire the talent of Henrik Zetterberg. So I feel special feelings from the fact that I play for one team with the person I wanted to be equal to.

JT Miller, Ranger striker

Since I grew up in Pittsburgh, of course, I was a fan of the Penguins. And, naturally, more than the others I liked Mario and Jagr. It's amazing that Jaromir is still continuing his career. I also liked Kovalev. These were my favorite players.

Cam Ward, the goalkeeper of "Carolina"

Difficult choice. Martin Broder. I also liked looking at Curtis Joseph when I was living in Edmonton. I was lucky enough to be able to attend many matches of the Oilers.

Frederic Andersen, Toronto goalkeeper

Patrick Roy, Martin Broder, Dominik Hasek - they were the best in the league for many years. I watched the cuts with their best moments even on VHS. In my childhood in Denmark it was tight with the Internet, the NHL also did not show much on TV, so the tapes remained the only salvation. I remember using them to try to follow the Stanley Cup finals. I remember how great Nikolai Khabibulin looked in the "Tampa" in 2004.

Ron Heinsey, defender of the "Pittsburgh"

I grew up as a Hartford fan. My grandfather was the owner of the season ticket for the game "Whalers". In that composition, I remembered Francis, Dinin, Samuelson. All of them, in the end, left the team, but in my childhood they were stars. Mike Luit at the gate. All these guys ... I can name the whole line-up. They made me love hockey.

Eric Staal, the attacker of the "Minnesota"

In the beginning it was my father. He played under the 12th number. Also I began to do. I remember how I loved watching him play with his friends in the amateur league.

When I became a little older, I began to learn better about the NHL. Then my attention shifted to Wayne Gretzky and Joe Sakic. In childhood, they liked me more than others.

I really enjoyed watching matches with Joe. He always came to the fore in key moments. Scored the deciding goals. And so throughout his career.

Jeff Skinner, the attacker of "Carolina"

For me, parents and older relatives were examples for imitation. From a hockey point of view, I was more influenced by our children's coach, Billy Bowler. At one time, he played in the Junior League of Ontario. And I played there successfully.

If you say from the point of view of the fan, then I grew up in Toronto. Then I was a fan of Mats Sundin.

Darren Peng, former goalkeeper of NHL clubs

My idol was Roger Vashon. I was rooting for Montreal. When he was traded to Los Angeles in the 71st ... I did not stop following his career. He was the best goalkeeper of the league for 10 years, but little was said about him.

Since he, too, did not differ in large dimensions, for me he was a source of inspiration. He did not have weaknesses: playing with a trap, holding the stick, sharpening ... I wanted to be like him.