Messi wrote a letter to FIFA and apologized for the scolding

Argentina captain Lionel Messi wrote a letter to FIFA with an apology for the abuse in the match against Chile (1: 0), but at the same time denied that his words were addressed to the lateral referee.

"I categorically deny that I insulted the referee's assistant in the match against Chile.

The judge's assistant, a Brazilian by nationality, understood perfectly well that I spoke, we even communicated with him a little in a friendly way, and I did not in the least offend him.

Those my words were not addressed to him, I just told them in the air and I apologize for that, "says Messi's letter.

Recall that FIFA disqualified Messi for 4 matches. In this case, all the arbitrators who judged the game of Argentina and Chile, said that there were no insults.