Messi was punished for insulting the judges. Argentina at risk

FIFA disqualified Messi for four qualifying matches for the 2018 World Cup because he insulted the side judge after the match with Chile (1: 0).

This happened about 6 hours before the start of the game with Bolivia (0: 2), while the proceedings were initiated by FIFA itself: no complaints were received from either Chilean officials or judges themselves, which did not reflect the episode with Messi in the report.

Once again: the disqualification applies only to the qualification of the World Cup, "Barcelona" does not apply.

Why is that?

All the referees of the game between Argentina and Chile said that they did not hear from Messi any insolence or rudeness. Chief Justice Sandro Ricci said: "I did not hear from Messi a single insulting word. If I had heard anything, I would have acted in accordance with the rules. "

Assistant Emerson Carvalho, who was cursed by Messi, was slightly more attentive: he told FIFA that he saw Messi waving his arms and saying something loud, but did not understand the meaning of the words and only then read in the media that in fact Messi him Insulted.

Messi's dissatisfaction was due to a foul, which was fixed lateral in the second half. After the match the conflict only continued. It is important to understand that Messi spoke Spanish, and the referee is a Brazilian, that is, he speaks Portuguese.

FIFA began an investigation based on video records, which were constantly twisted on TV and in social networks. It is assumed that Leo several times insulted the mother of Judge Emerson Carvalho, and then refused to shake the referee's hand (the other two - shook).

FIFA noted that in this way Messi violated the 57th article of the disciplinary code.

Is it scary for Argentina?

Yes. When Messi was disqualified (that is, after 13 rounds out of 18), Argentina went in the South American qualification of the World Championship in third place (directly go 4 teams, the fifth plays joints).

In the first match without Leo, Argentina lost to Bolivia (0: 2) and after Chile's victory over Venezuela dropped to fifth place. Butting matches for South Americans with representatives of Oceania, but still it can be frustrating. Especially considering that going 6th Ecuador is only 2 points behind.

Messi will miss 3 matches of 4 remaining in qualifying (Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru), and without him the team is very, very bad.

And if something goes wrong, for Argentina this will be the first missed World Cup since 1970.