He will be Germany's top scorer

In the fact that you had no idea before this season, who is Anthony Modest, there is nothing criminal. Even compatriots of Modeste heard about him for the first time, very much surprised that there is a Frenchman in the German league who plays steeper Frank Ribery. In Germany, Anthony has been living since 2013, but the Bundesliga's zoom makes a powerful impact on his career just now. 22 goals in 25 matches, Modest is the only player of the championship, who scored more than half of the goals of his team, he also needs to be grateful to the club for the best first round in the last 23 years. After the wintering, "Cologne" does not look as cheerful as at the start of the season, but his main striker continues to score, not paying attention to any difficulties.

On moving from "Hoffenheim" to "Cologne" Modest decided when he heard from the future coach the main thing: "We will bet on you". Peter Steger did not lie. After long months of tiresome competition with Firmino, Shiplock, Salay and Falland, Tony was in a team where in fact, apart from him, there was no more sane attacker and he did not have to compete with anyone for a place in the base. Someone will find this situation paradise, but no one said that in paradise you can not work.

In the first nine official games of last season, the newcomer of "Cologne" Modest scored 10 goals and gave two scoring passes, starting with a hat-trick in the opening match.

"50 million for Anthony Modesta? Why not? Look at the amounts that are currently on the transfer market. If you saw his game, you must agree that Tony is worth the money. " The legend of "Cologne" Dieter Müller welcomes the appearance in the beloved team of a man who today brings diversity in the rivalry between Obama and Lewandowski for the "Golden Cannon".

Never before in the history of the Bundesliga, three people did not go up to the 26th round, having an asset of 20 goals and more. Sam Modest only the second time in his career is so productive. In 2010, he shone in the second French league in the "Angera" and lost the final leadership in the dispute of the scorers only Olivier Giroux.

Modest now has something to show the goal-machines from the "Bavaria" and "Dortmund." The Frenchman needs an average 3.5 hits on goal to score a goal. 67% of the created scoring chances Modest transforms into a goal. He also has the best ratio of won single combats among the leading sniper three.