Francesc Fabregas: "I admire Messi for his modesty"

Former midfielder of the "Barcelona" Cesc Fabregas told what qualities he values ??in the forward of the Catalan team Lionel Messi.

"I admire Messi, because after all that he has achieved and achieved, after what he has become for every child in the world and for almost every adult who is fond of football, he has always remained so modest.

He lives a normal life, also relates to the rest, communicates with his wife, with children.

And this is not easy. Sometimes you can swim a bit and lose touch with the real world, when you are so praised, when you have won so much and are the best player in the world.

And I really appreciate it, because I consider Leo to be my friend, it's great that such a person leads such a way of life, "said Fabregas.