12 serious teams that can remain without the World Cup 2018

Find a motivation to closely follow the qualifying tournament, in which the Russian team does not even participate, is not so simple. And, perhaps, not only you. Below - a dozen good teams, which we used to see in big tournaments, but which can not be seen at the World Championships in Russia.


The European selection is so severe that he threw two teams into one group, without which he could not represent the World Cup - Italy and Spain. Directly from the group to Russia will go only one of them, the other will have to fight in the play-offs. Another, most likely, will be Italy - points are now fifty-fifty, but Italians have a much worse goal difference (the first criterion for equality) and the game in September in Spain (in Italy they played a 1: 1 draw).


The Portuguese, while retreating from the victory at the European Championships, created difficulties for themselves with hitting the World Cup, losing to the Swiss in the first round of qualification. Since then, neither of them lost any points, so the team Cristiano should definitely win in the second leg in October.

Hungary, another participant of Euro-2016, who was in this group, is unlikely to help something.


In Dutch football problems. Clubs are so poorly played in European competition that they flew to the 13th place in the UEFA coefficients table. The national team, not being selected for the European Championship, which could not not be selected, greatly risks not to get to the World Cup. In the group, the Dutch are now the fourth, behind not only France and Sweden, but also Bulgaria. It was after the defeat of the Bulgarians that Danny Blind was dismissed the other day.

Direct hit on the World Cup is very unlikely, it is still possible to compete for joints if you find a worthy coach. Otherwise, the 2018 World Cup will be held without a team that was 3rd at the 2014 World Cup and 2nd at the 2010 World Cup.


The main opening and semi-finalist of Euro-2016, Wales from the first 5 matches of the 2018 World Cup won only one (and it does not matter that he did not lose at all a single one). The situation in Group D is perhaps the most interesting and unpredictable - Serbia and Ireland broke away by 4 points, but Wales and Austria, the other participant of last year's European Championship, are still hoping for something.


Danes, whose participation in the world championships and Europe (and sometimes not just participation) are used to in the 90's, it seems, were going to miss the third big tournament in a row. The team with the stars of the nuclear submarine Eriksen and Schmeichel goes 3rd in the group E.

Poles do not bother, the rest is still real.


The World Cup in Russia without Ukraine will not be so cheerful, but it does not seem that the team of Andrey Shevchenko has too many chances to get to him. Ukrainians got a difficult group with Croatia, Iceland and Turkey, things are not hopeless yet, but not too joyful.


In South America, the qualification is also tough, despite the fact that of the 10 local teams in Russia will get half (4 directly, one - through the joints with people from Oceania). Until recently, out of five was Argentina, but after defeating the Chileans last week, slightly calmed the fans of Messi. Now the most worried is the Chileans - the team Vidal and Alexis Sanchez with Pizzi does not look as powerful as under Sampaoli.

Colombia Falcao and Hames and Uruguay Suarez and Cavani are also nervous - and only the Brazilians under Titus seem almost problem-free.

Cameroon and Algeria

In Africa, an infernal group suddenly formed with Nigeria, Cameroon, Zambia and Algeria. There are no comforting races: only the winner will get to the World Cup. Only 2 rounds out of 6 have been played, but Algeria Marais and Slimani lag behind leading Nigeria already by 5 points, and Cameroon, who recently won the African Cup, by 4.


Ghana's team is simpler, but the gap from Egypt is the same as that of Algeria from Nigeria - 5 points. And with them, there is no more Abraham Grant.


For a long time it seems that for the CONCACAF zone 3.5, there are too many permits for the World Cup. However, the US team, losing in November 0: 4 Costa Rica, while risking a miss, even in these conditions. The recent victory of 6: 0 over Honduras with a hat-trick Dempsey, however, returned hope.

The 4th team from this company plays with the 5th team from the Asian selection.


The 5th team from the Asian selection may well be the Australian team. It is still played by 37-year-old Tim Cahill, but with other stars of complexity.

Head coach Endj Postecoglu recently said that he simply does not get enough for the World Cup, but so far there are problems with just getting hit.