"UTAH" - 1997: where are they now?

Season-1996/97 was one of the best in the history of "Utah". "Jazzmen", led by the brilliant Stockton and Malone, won 64 wins in the regular season, updating the club record. In the playoffs the team alternately beat the "Clippers", "Lakers" and "Houston". That "Utah" could really claim a lot, but she was not lucky with the era - then the NBA reigned the "Chicago" of the great Michael Jordan. Therefore, the "Jazz" sample of 1997 and 1998 are considered one of the best teams in the history of the league of those that never won the title.

March 22 in Salt Lake City was the solemn reunion of "Utah" -1997, which was attended by almost everyone who was involved in its success. We also decided to take advantage of two round dates and remember one of the brightest bands of the 90s.

Point guard

Season-1996/97: took part only in two matches of the regular season and was expelled before the New Year.

Where now: Thompson can not boast of an outstanding career player: he played for "Orlando", "Denver", "Phoenix", "New York" and even the Greek "Iraklis". He hung his sneakers on a nail in 1998, having spent only 168 matches in the NBA. Another thing is the coaching field. As an assistant he worked with the teams of the universities of Oklahoma State, South East Louisiana and Arizona State.

In 2006 he headed the men's team of the University of Texas in San Antonio (UTSA). In 2011, UTSA won the first in its history victory in the NCAA. He was dismissed from this post in March 2016. He died in June of the same year at the age of 45 due to complications after the operation.

Ruben Nembhardt

Season-1996/97: twice signed with "Jazz" 10-day contracts and took part in 8 regular games, an average of 4.0 points and making 1.5 transfers. In the same season he played for Portland and did not appear in the NBA anymore.

Where now: he spoke at the CBA, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, the League of Development, but really opened up in Venezuela, where he became a local legend in the "Gayteros del Solia". In 2010, he was recognized as the most valuable player in the local championship. In the same club he retired in 2014.

Jamie Watson
Easy forward

Season-1996/97: took part in 13 regular games, an average of 2.5 points and 1.4 rebounds, and was expelled in March 1997.

Where now: in the same season, I played 23 games for Dallas, in 1998 I marked three games for Miami, and then went to travel around the world. Played in the Italian "Siena", the Portuguese "Benfica", in Lebanon, Colombia, Chile, Cyprus. Completed his career in 2006 in Jordan. The most notable achievement of his was the participation in the competition for throws from above in the stellar weekend of the NBA in 1995. Now he is a member of the coaching staff of Westwood High School team in North Carolina.

Stephen HOWARD
Easy forward

Season-1996/97: won a place in the team, twice signing 10-day contracts. In March 1997, "Jazz" concluded a full agreement with him until the end of the season. He played in 43 matches of the regular season, averaging 3.6 points and making 1.8 rebounds. In the playoffs appeared on the floor only five times (1.8 points and 0.2 selection).

Where now: in the 90's was seen in "San Antonio" and "Seattle Supersonics", but quickly realized that it is better to do the study of the world. Played for "Unicaja", "Efes Pilsen", "Paris" and several other French clubs, after which he set off on all the most serious: Puerto Rico, Israel, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia. Now he works as an analyst on ESPN at student teams matches and speaks motivational speeches, even winning several awards in this field.

Adam Kif
Center / heavy forward

Season-1996/97: played in 62 regular games, an average of 3.8 points and making 3.5 rebounds. It was noted by one double-double in a duel with "New Jersey" in November 1996. In the playoffs appeared on the floor in 8 meetings.

Where now: most of his career spent in Utah, in 2000, he replaced Salt Lake City with Golden State, and a year later said goodbye to the NBA. The last years of his career he played in Spain, where he finished with basketball in 2003. Interestingly, he studied at Stanford, where he managed to get a degree in political science. Apparently, this helped him in the future: Kif settled into an investment company that works with many professional athletes and coaches. He lives in Los Angeles, cooperates with the largest bank Morgan Stanley.

Defender / light forward

Season-1996/97: was selected by "Utah" in the draft 1996 in the general 54th number. The youngest player in the team - at the time of the final series with the "Chicago" he was 23 years old. Despite this, he took part in 65 matches of the regular season, an average of 5.9 points and making 2.8 rebounds, as well as 18 playoff games (4.6 points and 2.7 rebounds).

Where now: he also played for Houston, New York and Miami, with whom he won the title in 2006, and then retired. He opened his own fund, whose goal is to work with teenagers through education and cultural development. In 2007, he returned to the University of Georgia, from which he left for the NBA, and 11 years later he defended his bachelor's degree in sociology.

In 2014 he opened a vegan restaurant in Atlanta called "The Art of Drinking," but apparently he cooked worse than playing basketball - at the moment the institution is already closed. In 2015, he was a special guest at a sports festival at a university in Indian Bangalore, where he met with a local basketball team. For his career earned about 22 million dollars. He was one of those who did not come to the solemn ceremony of reunification and commemoration of that team "Jazz" on March 22.


Season-1996/97: went to the parquet in 73 regular games, on average, gaining 4.3 points and making 2.2 rebounds. In the playoffs played in 20 meetings - the best in the fifth game of the final series with the "Chicago", which marked 11 points, two rebounds, interception and block shot.

Where now: After the lockout in 1998, I signed a contract with the Phoenix, and then went to the seaside - Olympiakos, the Philippines, Venezuela. Managed to be noted even in the "Harlem Globrotrotters" - a team that can be called a professional and difficult. In 2004, he won a lawsuit against Olympiakos, which expelled him in 2001 due to a knee injury.

The Greek club paid Morriss 1.3 million dollars and covered court costs of $ 400 thousand dollars only in 2009, when he came to the States for an exhibition match against Cleveland. Now he lives in Texas in the town of Sugar Land (literally, "Sugar Country") and works with difficult teenagers.


Season-1996/97: The best season in the career of a big white guy who played under two zeros. In 77 regular games he scored 7.3 points and made 7.3 selection pi 2.0 block shots. In the playoffs went to the start in all 20 games, and in the fifth duel of the final series of the Western Conference with the "Lakers" was noted immediately 9 block shots.

Where now: In 2002, Osterthag donated a kidney to his sister Amy and became the first player in the history of the NBA, resuming his career by becoming a donor organ. His whole career was spent in Utah except for the 2004/05 season, when he decided to make a voyage to Sacramento, but, perhaps, did not realize his potential to the end.

In the season-2011/12 unexpectedly resumed his career in the "Texas legends" in the Development League, but it was enough for only 10 matches - affected knee injury. After that, for a year, according to his own words, he played golf every day. He lives in Texas, where he has his own farm. He is engaged in breeding animals and with the growth of 218 cm manages to play hockey in the amateur league. Without jokes (see from 17:33).


Season-1996/97: In 79 regular games on average, he gained 3.5 points and 2.4 rebounds. In the playoffs went to the parquet in all 20 meetings, noting 17 points in the third game of the final series with the "Bulls".

Where now: played in the NBA for 10 teams, but the longest stayed in the "Jazz" - for four years. Three times he reached the final, and won the title with the Lakers in 2001. Completed his career two years after that. In 2007, he returned to the University of Texas at El Paso to obtain a scientific degree. In 2010, he entered the coaching staff of the local team. In 2013, he became assistant to the head coach in the Philadelphia, where he spent the season, after which he replaced the 76's for a similar position in Milwaukee, where he still works.

Easy forward

Season-1996/97: I scored an average of 10.8 points in the 81st regular season match, making 4.1 rebounds and 1.6 steals. It was his first season as a player of the starting lineup "Jazz". In 20 playoff games, he averaged 12.3 points at 4.6 rebounds. In the final of the Western Conference with the "Lakers" in two games in a row scored 29 and 22 points respectively.

Where now: It is considered one of the best defenders of those who had to face Michael Jordan, especially after their confrontation in the final of 1998. Jordan even mentioned Russell in his speech when he was included in the Hall of Fame. He left Utah in 2002, moving to Washington, where he spent one year as a clubmate of His Air. Then he played for the "Lakers" and, in fact, completed his career in 2006 in "Denver", after which he played in various semi-professional leagues of the United States.

He called Jordan for the match one on one, but he did not wait for an answer. He lives with his family in California, his daughter is a beginner model. Judging by Russell's twitter, he actively plays dominoes. In "Jazz" was the main fan of talking, it seems, nothing has changed.

Point guard

Season-1996/97: played in 82 regular games, an average of 4.5 points and making 2.4 transfers. In the playoffs held 20 meetings (5.6 points and 2.0 transfers), four times leaving the parquet with a double-digit number of points gained.

Where now: played for "Dallas", "New York", "Phoenix", "Clippers", finished also in "Denver" in 2006. In 2010, he entered the coaching staff "Clippers", four years later became assistant coach in the "Washington". In August 2016 he moved to a similar position in the "Nix", which was led by his teammate.

Jeff Hornasek

Season-1996/97: I did not miss a single match in the regular season, I gained 14.5 points on average, making 4.4 transfers and 2.9 rebounds. Was the second most effective player, "Jazz" in that season and third in the entire league on the percentage of the implementation of penalties (89.9). In the playoffs, the numbers remained at about the same level - 14.6 points, 4.5 rebounds, 3.7 assists.

Where now: completed his career in Utah in 2000, twice winning the competition for three-point shots (in 1998 and 2000). On the Match of the stars was not called, the 1992 game remained for him the only one. The club withdrew the 14th issue of Hornasek from circulation. In the season-2007/08 he was hired, especially to work on a throw with Andrei Kirilenko and a number of other players. In May 2008, he interviewed "Chicago" about the possible work of the head coach, but refused because of the children.

In February 2011, Hornasek became a full member of the coaching staff "Jazz". In 2013, they were interested in "Philadelphia" and "Charlotte", but headed "Phoenix". Started in Arizona with four consecutive wins on the home court (club record), was voted the best coach of December. Despite the really attractive basketball, "Sans" did not get into the playoffs, and Hornasek remained the second in the vote for the best coach of the year.

In February 2016 he was fired from the "Phoenix". On June 2 of the same year, it was announced that Hornasek had been appointed head coach of New York, where he still fights with the senility of Phil Jackson, a triangular attack and a recession in the game of Carmelo Anthony. His team again does not get into the playoffs - pain and suffering.

Antoine CARR
Heavy forward / center

Season-1996/97: the main striking force of "Utah" off the bench. Carr took part in all 82 regular games, but never came out in the start, an average of 7.4 points and making 2.4 rebounds. In 20 playoff games, an average of 4.9 points and 2.8 rebounds were noted. The second in the team for the number of blocked throws in that season.

Where now: He left Utah in 1998, played for Houston and Vancouver Grizzlies, after which he spent the season in ABA and Greece. Since then, he lives in Texas, where he has his own construction company. In particular, it is engaged in the restoration of the churches of the Franciscan mission, built on the San Antonio River in the 18th century. In his spare time, Carr directs charitable projects in his city, and also trains his own son.

Carl Meloun

Season-1996/97: on average he scored 27.4 points and made 9.9 rebounds with 4.5 transfers per game in the regular season. The playoffs were held at the same high level - 26.0 points and 11.4 rebounds. Malone was in the lead in the league for realized two-point shots, penalty, efficiency rating (28.9) and "plus / minus" (8.5). All this was crowned the first in the career of the striker statuette to the most valuable player of the season.

Where now: almost the whole career was spent in "Utah", drafted it back in 1985. Again came with the team to the finals in a year, but again lost the "Chicago". In the season-1999 shortened because of the lockout, Malone was recognized for the second and last time in his career, but "Jazz" lost to "Portland" in the second round of the playoffs.

After that, the club from Sal-Lake City for a few years fell out of the fight for the title, and "Postman" decided to go for the ring in the "Lakers." Fans of Utah, to put it mildly, ambiguously took this victory of their idol, and the striker did not reach his goal - in the final, the Californians lost to Detroit. Because of the conflict with Kobe Bryant and problems with the knee, Malone left the "lake" and on February 13, 2005 officially announced his retirement.

A year later, "Utah" withdrew from the number of the forward. Near the arena of the team in Salt Lake City, there is a statue of Malone, also named after one of the streets of the city. In May 2007, Malone became the director of the basketball department and one of the coaches of the Louisiana University of Technology. He donated several hundred thousand dollars for the development of sports in his native university.

Back in 1996, "Postman" was included in the list of the 50 best players in the history of the NBA, and in 2010 became a member of the Hall of Fame. In 2013, he briefly worked as a coach of "big" in "Jazz". He lives in Ruston, Louisiana, where he is engaged in charity, in particular, the construction of housing for the poor. He did not come to the reunion ceremony of "Utah" -1997 on March 22, which caused a lot of speculation. Officially, the four Malones had already planned another event for that day, but given that the negotiations were conducted not one month, many doubted that it was the reason for the absence of the Postman. However, given his difficult nature, few were surprised.

Point guard

Season-1996/97: 14.4 points, 10.5 assists and 2.8 rebounds in the regular season; 16.1 points, 9.6 transfers, 3.9 rebounds and 1.7 interceptions in the playoffs. The ingenious playmaker for the 9th time in a row was invited to the Star Match and in the 10th time he finished the season with a double-digit number of games per game. In the same year, other players in an anonymous vote for Sports Illustrated called Stockton the second most dirty player in the league after Dennis Rodman.

His three-point victory in the sixth match of the final series of "West" with "Houston" brought "Jazz" to the main final and became one of the most significant episodes in the history of the team.

Where now: he spent his entire career in Utah, having started the sport in 2003. A year later the team withdrew his number from circulation. In 2006, a statue of Stockton was installed in Salt Lake City - only he and Malone were honored. He is among the 50 best players in the history of the NBA. The player was included in the Hall of Fame in 2009. Stockton still owns several league records, including the total number of assists (15,806) and interceptions (3,265) for a career.

After 2003, Stockton worked with several children's teams, helping Deron Williams and Trey Burke in Utah, Jason Kidd, when he headed Milwaukee. In the season2015 / 16 was an assistant coach of the women's team of the University of Montana State. On an ongoing basis, he lives in Spokane, Washington. In November last year, he visited Saratov, where his son Michael Stockton plays for the local "Avtodor", and was obviously amazed by his increased attention to himself.

At the anniversary ceremony, he recreated the same throw in the series with "Houston". It's easy and at ease, and it's almost 55 years!

Main coach

Worked with "Utah" until 2011, when he was forced to leave the team because of a conflict with its main at that time star Deron Williams (although the point guard still denies this). In 1998, he again brought "Jazz" to the final, where the team lost once again, "Chicago", and closer to the title was no longer selected. The first coach in the history of the league, who won 1000 wins with one team. In 2009, Sloan at the same time as Stockton was included in the Basketball Hall of Fame. In June 2013, he received the position of a consultant in Utah.

In April 2016, Sloan was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.