The second echelon

As mentioned earlier, the current newcomers are not at all impressive with the game, and the reward for the best recruit should be cut to pieces and sent to more or less worthy candidates like Malcolm Brogdon and Dario Sharic. However, there will always be several worthy debutants not in the spotlight.

I will say right away, there is a clean second echelon. Players who for some reason fell in the draft or their game is questioned by experts. To this kind of dark horses, I feel great sympathy even more than to the players of the star plan, except, perhaps, Joel Embiyad. Therefore, I decided to create my own symbolic team of newcomers to the second plan, which should be looked at.

Point-taker: Tyler Yulis, Phoenix Suns (34th peak)

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Number of games total / in start: 51/5

Personal stats: 5.3 points, 1.1 rebounds, 2.9 assists, 0.8 steals, 0.1 block shots and 1.1 losses in 14.5 minutes of playing time.

Percentage of hits: 39/21/78

In "Phoenix" Tyler got by the advice of his friend and partner for Kentucky Devin Booker. Experts predicted the departure of Julis in the middle-end of the first round. But evil tongues slandered the point guard, referring to the mythical hip injury and the inevitable operation. There was no injury, much less the need to lie under the knife. Under the 34th peak, Yulis joined the team from Arizona.

Earl Watson, the head coach of the team, even at the start of the season noted the desire of a beginner to develop and an outstanding basketball IQ. Tyler started the season behind the backs of more experienced colleagues, but recently got a place in the starting lineup due to injury Eric Bledsoe. Having received the opportunity to prove to the bosses of Sanz that the recommendations of Devin Booker are not unfounded, Tyler Yulis began to dispose of the Phoenix attack in the style of Chris Paul. A small floor general knows how to create moments for partners, skillfully flirt with big ones and send the ball to the hands of Marquise Criss or Derrick Jones. And also independently beat defenders, penetrating into hard-to-reach places of the site and sending the ball exactly to the target.

Yulis will repeatedly face the problem of protection. So far, he has overcome the barriers of the players of the front line with great difficulty, and the defending players, who have sharp, hinged dribbling, simply look like Yulis with one movement. The problem of low growth will not go anywhere. If with a lack of protection you can at least somehow cope, then "Rastishka" is too late to drink.

But still Tyler, in the absence of older comrades, shows a very intellectual game, worthy of attention. Yulis, as a non-commercial version of Isaac Thomas.

Attacking defender: Karis LeVert, "Brooklyn Nets" (20th peak)

Height: 201 centimeters

Weight: 92 kg

Number of games total / start: 46/15

Personal stats: 7.7 points, 3.1 rebounds, 1.9 assists, 1 interception, 0.1 block-shot and 1 loss for 21.3 minutes of playing time.

Percentage of hits: 45/31/72

In the last two years, Caris LeVert's speech for the University of Michigan, the player totaled 33 matches. Exactly as much as in his debut season at the NCAA. The cause was injuries that hit the player's left leg. Fracture of the leg, and before the fracture - an operation due to a stress fracture. In March 2016, the player was operated on an ankle on LEFT leg. A frightening frequency of injuries on one leg scared future employers, but "Nets" were forced. They were not afraid that LeVert's debut will take place only in the middle of the season.

When you are in the same position as Brooklyn, not being able to choose talented students under high peaks, you should actively look for any more or less gifted prospectuses and hope for their progress. Invest in them and develop to establish the organization as a garden of paradise to continue / start a career. "Nets" - a convenient place for the development of the career of LeVert. There is no pressure. There is no frenzied competition in the position. Develop - and that's it!

Karis LeVert, nicknamed "Baby Dyurant", liked the teams of the league with their high growth and makings to grow into a craftsman who plays in three positions: from the point guard to the forward. Right now, LeVert shows in Brooklyn quite a tolerable level of playing the ball.

As for the defense, it is at an embryonic level. Powerful opponents force LeVerta, and fast opponents overtake in the first step.

Healthy LeVert is a running LeVert. Karis confidently passes the defenders at the first step, which forces them to break the rules. In the early attack, LeVert runs faster than everyone, but not always before him reaches the transfer.

Newbie "Nets" does not perform super-special tasks in the attack "Nets". In most cases, his task is limited to the exact transfer of Brook Lopez or the establishment of a screen. However, LeVert is able to dilute the attack with three or three-second passage.

Forward: Torian Prince, Atlanta Hawks (12th peak)

Height: 203 centimeters

Weight: 99 kg

Number of games total / in start: 48/0

Personal stats: 4.5 points, 2.4 rebounds, 0.8 assists, 0.6 steals, 0.5 block shots and 0.9 losses for 13.6 minutes of playing time.

Hit percentage: 39/32/84

I can not but add to my list a guy with dreadlocks. According to Nick Young, all their strength lies in these very dreadlocks. Well, how can you pass by ?! And at least someone should be able to defend themselves in this bloody list.

Torian Prince is a typical 3 & D player with the potential to enter the club of elite role players, if any. The physical data, which I hope the Prince will develop, will turn it into another version of Jay Crowder. And this should sound like a compliment. Being Jay Crowder means being in demand with most of the league teams. I repeat, most of the GOOD teams.

What is the luck for Torian Prince to be in such an organization as "Atlanta Hawk" - an invariable member of a viscous joke called "playoffs in the East." Good partners, most of whom are still young, and the most beautiful coach, able to squeeze the most out of the opportunities of players.

The Prince's attractive ability to be useful in defense, attack and the bench is already helping Atlanta. The Hawks attack is centered on Schroeder's passages, the typical Howard power game, the Millsap variety that dreams of repeating Horford's trick in the summer. And in the cage there is Kent Bazemore, considered one of the leaders of the team Budenholzera, and Tim Hardway-ml. It only remains that to carry out the dirty work with which the beginner "Atlanta" copes well, hammering open three-point and fighting in the defense at the other end of the site. More than Toriana Prince is not required.

The prince can only do a little bit: score, defend, own the ball, give the transfer and so on. But there is no need to expect a significant leap in development. Against him is his age - he recently turned 23. The experience of playing in Atlanta will prove the Prince's skills in many teams, as a quality player that can strengthen any team.

Powerful forward: Rock Labissiere, "Sacramento Kings" (28th peak)

Height: 211 centimeters

Weight: 102 kg

Number of games total / in start: 22/3

Personal stats: 7.8 points, 4.5 rebounds, 0.4 assists, 0.5 steals, 0.3 block shots and 1 loss for 14.1 minutes of playing time.

Hit ratio: 58/25/72

The road is young. Exchange Boogie in "New Orleans" untied the hands of several interesting and, most importantly, young players: Buddy Hild, Willie Cowley-Stein and Skal Labissiere. Before joining Kentucky, Labissiera was seriously considered a promising player and predicted the first peak in the 2014 draft. Labissiere quickly fell in the ratings and was sent into deep stock after the first month of the university. For the minutes received, Labissiere could not show anything. Softness and lack of mood for matches are considered the main "minuses" of the player.

In the draft, Labissiere was chosen under the 28th peak, where he was picked up by the "Kings". Whenever the "Sacramento" is selected in the draft, you can safely forget about the player. Boogie sucks from the newcomers ambitions, potential, vitality and sometimes even takes money for lunch.

After Cousins' exile in Pelikans, the Kings were torn from the root, attached to the player's bench, giving him long-awaited minutes and a place to start. To all lovers of mobile big it is worth more closely to monitor Labissier. He is at odds with his own body. Elegant work of feet on one and a half meter breaks custody. A good throw technique from a distance reveals his ability to become useful at a peak-n-pop.

You have to be a fool to not take advantage of the chance that the Kings are now giving to Labissiere. And it is periodically forgotten. When Labissiere is badly tuned and concentrated on the game, he becomes the worst player on the court. He is carried in defense, not paying attention to growth and long arms. From the slightest contact, the Rock bounces off by two meters, which exhaustively indicates its softness. There is no stiffness, no understanding, no desire. Uselessness is off scale.

The rock must understand that this is not a school level, where players are two heads below it. It becomes necessary to become a peasant. Otherwise, Labisière will lose his place in the Sacramento, and there - and not far away to China.

Center: Ton Macker, "Milwaukee Bucks" (10th peak)

Height: 216 centimeters

Weight: 97 kg

Number of games total / in start: 46/23

Personal statistics: 3.4 points, 1.7 rebounds, 0.3 assists, 0.2 steals, 0.4 block shots and 0.2 losses in 8.2 minutes of playing time.

Hit ratio: 42/38/67

For the most patient. Ton Macker got a place in the starting lineup of "Bucks" for a similar reason that Yulis is a player of the starting lineup. Matchbox physique recruit "Bucks" looks frightening. But above this work in the underground bunkers of Wisconsin, introducing into the bones of the player ademantinovuyu steel and relentlessly spiking his high-calorie food. Bucks bosses believe in their investments and wait patiently for the flowering of forces. They do not need to keep the Macker for 20-25 minutes per night. They also do not have a farm club in which Macker could demonstrate his ball possession skills, in which Macker could demonstrate his skills of possession of the ball, swinging the defenders with a three-meter crossover and a release at the level of the windows of a two-story house.