The right to rest, the right to hate

If you are subscribed to overseas journalists in social networks or regularly attend foreign sports publications, then the last week your news feed was filled to the eyeballs with "March Madness". In the NCCA started the playoffs, and, it seems, for the first time in the last few years, it has been so closely watched. Which is understandable even if the fact that in the first round of the playoffs of the "adult" league we are unlikely to expect surprises - and then there were a few - but let's not talk about the sad.

Over the past few days, the NBA has really tried very hard to remind itself of all those who switched to student battles.

It was the sixth month of regular season. Cleveland was on the road series (the fourth in February-March), the first two matches which would have been held in Los Angeles. Nothing foreshadowed the troubles, while the acting champions did not decide to rest at once LeBron, Kairi Irving and Kevin Lava, coming out on the game with the "Clippers" second team. Of course, the "Horsemen" lost, despite the desperate efforts of people like Kay Felder, who scored 10 points. And all would be nothing, but the match was broadcast on national TV.

More recently, the Golden State and San Antonio, instead of giving us an answer to the question "Who is the best in the West," turned a full-time meeting into a clarification of the rhetorical question, who has a better bench. "It was not unexpected, rather, it seems On the emergence of information about the winding up of the rating of the next Russian film - nothing new, but the aftertaste remained, and Lebron's absence from the game - nominally - the contender for the title, became for the league of the last drops.

Immediately after the match, Genmenager "Kavs" David Griffin said that he had been informed beforehand about the discontent of the leadership. Adam Silver immediately sent to the clubs a memorandum, in which he threatened them with punishment for such actions. On the one hand, the league can be understood. TV companies pay millions for television broadcasts, fans pay a lot for tickets, and sometimes they fly from other countries to see their idols. Posters like "I traveled 4,000 miles to see LeBron, and he does not play" certainly do not do business.

On the other hand, we hardly want to repeat the final series of 2015, when Warriors opposed Cleveland and Mozgov as a second star (in terms of what Timo was doing, it was very cool, but with a predetermined outcome) . The stars will rest to avoid injuries and come up more fresh to the playoffs. In 2012, Silver's predecessor David Stern fined "Spurs" for the fact that Gregg Popovich did not release his leaders to play with "Miami", but since then this practice has become even more common. Yes, the next season will start a week earlier, which will significantly reduce the number of paired matches, but in the current schedule this is an absolutely weighed and pragmatic decision. As the same Griffin said: "The fans pay for tickets, and the club pays me to win the title."

In fact, the uplifted uproar of that would not have been worth it, had it not been for the excessive reaction of the league. After all, in fact, the NBA does not have direct levers to influence the situation. What can they do? Fine players? To remove them, coaches and general managers? This, to put it mildly, is counterproductive. Therefore, Silver's threats looked so defiantly ridiculous, provoking a wave of response comments.

In an amicable way, it's high time for sports officials to tackle their direct duties and to make sure that this question is no longer at all. Do you want to protect your product? Introduce regulatory measures: limit the number of matches in which clubs can rest their players, assign "exceptions" when it is impossible, so that this no longer happens with games that are broadcast on national television. The league has more than enough options, in which they will no longer give Lebron a new opportunity to talk about his exclusivity: "Popovich has been doing this for ten years, but the problem was only when they gave me a rest."

"The big trio" "Cleveland", by the way, returned the next day and arranged an indicative flogging of the "Lakers", gaining three 101 points, and at the same time formally securing themselves participation in the playoffs. And it would be better on TV showed this game, not half-dead "Clippers".

Brooke Lopez brings the "Brooklyn" victory over the "Detroit". For "Nets" it was already the fifth for March, turned out to be the most successful month for the team in this respect.

Soap opera "Golden State" and poor "Oklahoma" and does not think to finish. Moreover, the degree of passion is only growing from series to series. Here and in a new release of emotion spilled out in the second quarter, spilling into a fight, the main characters in the absence of injured Kevin Durant.

The problem with this confrontation is the same - it is not. The Californians once again declassed the "Thunder", and in this linear plot there is not yet seen a turn that would be able to catch seriously and for a long time. The hosts wound themselves, and eventually it came to them sideways - "Warriors" lost their temper and dared opponents, having decided everything, in fact, before the big break. Steph Curry and Clay Thompson scored 4 points more than all the players of the starting five "Oklahoma", and Russell Westbrook held one of the worst matches of the season, remaining with 15 points.