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  • 28 Derozan points did not save "Toronto" in the game with "Charlotte"

    "Charlotte" took over Toronto in the match of the regular NBA championship with a score of 110: 106. The most productive player of the meeting was the defender of the ceded team Demar Derozan, who scored 28 points.

  • "Golden State" took revenge against "San Antonio", having recouped with "-22"

    "Golden State" defeated "San Antonio" in the match of the regular NBA championship with a score of 110: 98. Note that at the beginning of the second quarter, the advantage of the Texans was 22 points, but the guests managed to recoup.

  • The right to rest, the right to hate

    If you are subscribed to overseas journalists in social networks or regularly attend foreign sports publications, then the last week your news feed was filled to the eyeballs with "March Madness". In the NCCA started the playoffs, and, it seems, for the first time in the last few years, it has been so closely watched.

  • "UTAH" - 1997: where are they now?

    Season-1996/97 was one of the best in the history of "Utah". "Jazzmen", led by the brilliant Stockton and Malone, won 64 wins in the regular season, updating the club record. In the playoffs the team alternately beat the "Clippers", "Lakers" and "Houston".

  • The duel between Russell Westbrook and James Harden has not clarified the fight for MVP

    This happened in the third quarter: "Houston" exhibited on its aircraft, the size of an aircraft carrier, the comparative statistics of Russell Westbrook and James Harden. In addition to points on average for the game, the remaining numbers showed the advantages

  • The second echelon

    As mentioned earlier, the current newcomers are not at all impressive with the game, and the reward for the best recruit should be cut to pieces and sent to more or less worthy candidates like Malcolm Brogdon and Dario Sharic. However, there will always be several worthy debutants not in the spotlight.