Betdaq Review

  • Betdaq

    When Betdaq first emerged into the betting scene it had an uphill struggle trying to wrestle Betfair out of its position of power, gained deservedly for merits of originality as they filled in a vacuum in the industry. Betdaq was not an innovative idea but an attempt at trying to improve what was already there.

    The only way any other betting exchange could overthrow Betfair was of course to offer lower commission rates. In trying to get the biggest share of the cake possible Betdaq did start out with what looked like an irresistible offer to potential customers – a 3% commission rate charged on all markets. That could indeed gather the crowds. After all a betting exchange could exist only if punters were flocking to it in numbers.

    Eventually, the low levels of commission were unsustainable and Betdaq’s advantage, the one they had prided themselves with in order to appear prettier than Betfair, was reduced to null.

    Since the start of 2012, Betdaq have hit crazy again though. Their rates for any new player, and any old customer requesting it, are back down to 3%. Now that we know they once had to put an end to this because of the profits they were losing out on we cannot but acknowledge what an economic advantage this conveys to us players.

    Recently, betdaq has started to provide an extra incentive for new sign-ups with 0% comission on all multiples for 1 month. Click here for more details on this very enticing offer.

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